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In the days when I wrote often about transsexuals and gay transvestites I sometimes wondered if I sounded like a tranny chaser or a guy with a fetish for crossdressers. The idea made me wriggle a bit within my own skin. I'd hate to think that anyone should be ashamed of the particularities of his sexuality.

Many of the men online at least with a passion for crossdressers, transsexuals or even feminine boys lie to themselves that they are straight. Another big group is the married bisexuals, weary of their heterosexual marriage looking for a little adultery (cheating on a partner you've made a promise to is one of the few sides of sexuality that disgust me).

Learning to appreciate gay guys who wear dresses was the culmination of an evolution from being conventionally queer to pansexuality. I still consider myself gay, a faggot, whathaveyou - I'm unable to identify as anything else.

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It was probably in Yahoo's Gay Transvestites club (now egroup) that I asked if I should call a crossdresser he or she. The fellow who would write with many handles used the name Krystal Methburger. The name made me laugh. Back in Atlanta the Krystal Burger joint in midtown was the hangout of the methamphetamine freaks back in the 70s.

We'd bump into each other on Yahoo, eventually frequently in Yahoo's Fem Boys From Venus.

From him and his website I refined my own understanding what I could and could not find appealing in crossdressers. It wasn't that I found him embarrassingly and surprisingly fetching in a schoolgirl outfit (and still wonder at the source of the appeal). I learned that the most interesting and worth knowing crossdresser is necessarily one who is happy with his genetic maleness as well as his femininity. A rare species.

And we sometimes exchanged an email or few. My friend is a person of great compassion. I don't know if he knows it but during a black stretch after Charles and I bought the house he was the only person that I confided in.

Eventually I persuaded him to start a Live Journal. He's one of the world's deeply kind, honest people. At times I've feared that I've sounded like I was trying to give him a kick in the pants, to accept that much of life and many of mankind is just ugly.

On the chance that someone a crossdresser or a person interested in crossdressers might find this entry I want to post a link to his website - The Art of Not Passing

Even though we've never met I have the greatest respect and affection for him.


I just had to respond I did a Google search on gay cross dressers and found your Blog. I did the search because Im tired of CDs that are married, Bi, and Bi curious even straight ? I just want to meet some GAY CD friends.

I read the line: I learned that the most interesting and worth knowing crossdresser is necessarily one who is happy with his genetic maleness as well as his femininity. A rare species.

That me !!!!

I really enjoy the company of Fem boys/men although Im mostly attracted to older men late 50s to 60 something. Ive discovered FEM boys/ men they are more accepting of me than older masculine gay men whom cant stand a crossdresser Funny: societies disliked now have someone to dislike.

Yes Im gay, discovered late in life of which I never had respect for anyone who said that they discovered they were gay late in life I guess this is one of lifes little practical jokes. Ive been dressing since age 7 or 8 although back then it was different of course now I fully transform thanks to ebay and the other CD sites.
Im a woman in the evenings when I travel and when I work from home. Its a little lonely and I wish I could find others that shared my interest that were Gay of course.

When Im a man - Im handsome hit on by both men and women, and when Im a woman - men find me OK and women want to help me with make-up :-).

Im an exec. At a fortune 50 company so my being the real me is career limiting what I do in my off hours is my business. They pay me well so I abide by their narrow mindedness :-)

It was MY pleasure to read your article. Please write to me.

Well, I’m an older gay man who strongly prefers the differently gendered, genderqueer - use whatever term you want. So we do exist.

Sadly for people like yourself most gay men are attracted only to masculine men.

I’m at work right now so this has to be a short response.

Thanks for the kind words.

Hi loved youtr article I to am a very guy who always wears and loves very feminine things and i am so turned on to guys especially macho ones that even just being kissed by them makes me orgasm rachel x

Hello, Im Kate, even tho that is my femminine name (my boy’s name is Kevin) and I too like wearing things that are very feminine, although I am strait. My slection of girl’s clothes is very limited and I have not tryed makeup(execept for a little lipstick)and it makes me feel like im a girl. Then as soon as Im done ill take it all off and become Kevin again then go to sleep for the night and noone knows that I crossdress but maybe one day I will have Gender Reassignment surgery and really live my dream of becoming a girl full time. I am not gay, because i find some girls very attractive but i am just very feminine and thats why i crossdress. Kate/Kevin

Talk about a dollar late, here I am. But as a gay cd/TV, your blog resonated. It took me quite a while, after I’d begun cross-dressing, to acknowledge that I was, in fact, not just a guy who wore women’s clothing and was heterosexual, not just a guy who maybe liked men once in a while but mostly women; no, I was a guy who liked men who also happened to like to wear women’s clothes. I know all the studies and statistics, but knowing my own path, I wonder … I just wonder.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about My friend of two worlds.

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