My lover can't shut his mouth

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Sometimes Charles just baffles me

As I recounted a couple of days ago he fell of a bike and hurt himself. His mouth has mostly been open but silent. Silly me I though the he was holding his mouth that way because his skin hurt if it moved.

I discovered an hour ago that he can't close his mouth. The impact damaged his jaw.

After his fall the other morning I asked him if he wanted me to dial Durham's 911 and summon an ambulance to take him to Durham Regional Hospital's Emergency Room. He said no.

Charles trained as nurse. In matters of his body I trust his judgment. Never occurred to me that he'd sit around unable to shut his mouth (as often as I've in other circumstances wished he would to make the inevitable joke).

So I just gave him what money I had in my pockets, call him a cab and sent him of to the hospital. Normally I'd be there at his side but I'm weary after a day's labor and my bookshop has a two-day holiday sale starting tomorrow. I need to sleep. And I'm bit peeved that he'd just sit there unable to close his jaw and not tell me.

Charles isn't strong about pain (no criticism, I'm a baby when I stump my toe and ready for suicide pills when my tooth hurts). Growing up with crohn's disease when a small spoonful of crunchy peanut butter could put him in the hospital he's usually read to see a doctor or get a hospital bed.

I just can't guess what was going through his mind the day of his bike accident.


I’m so sorry. I’m married to an RN and even though I trust his judgement on the body and things related to health. If its HIS body or HIS health I call the shots. They can take care of everybody except themselves. Never trust a nurse (or doctor)to make that kind of call. They can’t. I told my Hubbie once, Get in the car I’m taking you to the hospital. (he had fallen off a tall ladder) I’m not hurt that bad! Get in the car. I’m not hurt that bad! Get in the car. I’m not hurt that bad! Get in the car. I’m not hurt that bad! Get in the car or I WILL hurt you that bad!

(2 broken ribs and a dislocated sholder!)

And when the Dr said stay in bed for three days he said.. Oh shit…don’t say that in front of him! He’ll make me stay in bed for three days.

I did!

Three days and he can’t close his jaw? He should know better!

It simply never hit me that he’d sit at home unable to shut his mouth with a pair of dislocated jaws.

They had to put him in the OR and knock him out but his jaws are back in place. He’s hurting but he’ll get better.

I certainly hope he makes a fast recovery. Funny the things we do to ourselves that we wouldn’t allow anyone else to do.

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My lover can't shut his mouth
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