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Last night I went with Charles to the ER for migraine. They gave him Nubain. I'd heard of Nubain only as a drug that weightlifters and bodybuilders use. It is a pain killer that doesn't make you woozy. So the folks crazy enough to play with diuretics use Nubain to allow them to work out harder. Bodybuilders often become addicted.

I'm beginning to think that cigarette smoke is the primary trigger for Charles' migraines. A couple of weeks ago we chose this past weekend as last time we'd smoke. We stopped this morning.

More Id like to say about the above but Im too tired.


what did they give charles in the past for his migraines?? & how did the nubain work for him?


           (  a cronic migraine suffier  )

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Nubain.

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