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I went to UNC Medical Center with Charles today. Shortly before we left I found the public restroom and took a piss. Funny euphemism, would you really want to stop and rest in a public toilet?

Had one of those funny mnemonic flashes, connecting back with my very young self doing his best to get out of the elementary school restroom as quickly as possible. He seemed to be worried. Of what I canít imagine. Or why. I doubt anything bad happened to me in a bathroom. My earliest memories are of happy baths spent with my imaginary friends, but a decent veil is best draw over that.

Perhaps I became like a housetrained dog able to contently control my urination. Aside from a few flickers from Junior High School I donít remember fretting about the school bathrooms. Through the years Iíve never managed to feel completely at home in one. Having an insistent bladder I would strategize in advance, evolve schemes to avoid the need to use one.

But a lust for coffee has often undone my vigilance as it did this morning.

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The restroom at my elementary school had the doors removed from the stalls. I guess they were afraid something illicit might happen. The urinals were spread across the opposite wall. When I was in the lower grades (1-3), we always tried to go in there in pairs, lest one of the boys in the upper grades (4-6) try something. I never figured out what they were going to try, but I remember a few who had interesting equipment. Of course, I wasn’t in a position to try anything.

Whay could be more fun than washroom sex? Hillcrest Mall in Toronto is the best - great hairy Italian guys with lits of foreskin.

Quiet and clean.

Bye for now

When I was in elementary school I mostly wanted to be older. The older kids had their classes on the upper floors (my elementary school was three stories tall) and were rarely seen.

It wasn’t until Junior High that I heard of kids being picked on in the bathroom. Nothing ever happened to me. Except to a few teachers and a couple of friends I was mostly invisible.

And it’d be a long time before I realized I was interested in what other guys had.

one of my favorite memories is from when i was 15. i was in Wal Mart one day when i felt the need to releave myself. i walked into the restroom and down to the last of the three urinals on the wall. as i was pissing, a man about age 36 or so came in and possitioned himself at the first urinal, leaving only one between us. when i had finished, instead of simply zipping up, i stood and watched him piss. there were no walls or anything between the urinals, so i had a fine view. i was completely transfixed, and hadn’t even noticed that i was completely hard and had taken a few steps away from my urinal to get a better look at him until i noticed him looking at me and stroking himself. then, he walked over to me and stood behind me. he reached around and began to jerk me. i was moaning softly and leaning my head back against his chest and could hear his rough breathing as i came into the urinal. when i came, he rubbed the cum all over the head of my cock with his finger tips and then simply took his leave. i was shaking a bit as i left and hoped desperately that no one would notice. i was lucky nobody walked in on the two of us, that’s for sure.

Up until the fifth grade I was able to piss in a restroom with no trouble. Unfortunately one day in the fifth grade a bunch of shits harassed me when I tried to take a piss in the boys room urinal two days in a row. To this day I have absolutely no idea why they pulled that shit. I pissed no different than anyone else did. I then was unable to get the piss flowing in public but a few years later was able to piss decently in an empty restroom. It was not till the end of my senior year in high school when I was able to piss among a crowd and years later before it flowed freely with others around. This grade-school harassment also adversly affected my ability to cum when fucking someone. I fucked one asshole during my rookie year of gay sex for two hours and still didnt cum. A guy finally came to my rescue and taught me to jack my dick until I was just ready to cum and then shove it in the person and thrust like mad to pump my jizz into him. Two and half years later I was finally able to fuck someone and cum in him without having to jack myself first but it still took at least half an hour of fucking to get my rocks off. The only times I came quick (in less than five minutes) was the one time I butt-fucked a guy who really turned me on and another time when a man with deeply bitten fingernails jacked me off into his mouth. As for oral sex, I have cum from just laying or standing there while a cocksucker fellated me only once. The rest of the time I actively held the cocksucker’s head in position and fucked his mouth to get off, as I still do with my lover. I did give the cocksuckers a break by holding their heads rather than their ears and the one time I did hold one’s ears my deeply bitten fingernails meant no cut-up ears. As for sex in a mens room, I never did it for fear of getting busted or bashed. I did get off on hearing about the team of fed-up men who had raped and beaten the living crap out of a vice cop back in the late sixties and another one about a man hiring an off duty cop to arrest a teenage habitual predator and getting the brat sentensed to the juvinile correctional facility for a good long stretch.

I enjoy having sex in public washrooms, both with male and female partners. Once I got this hard-on while wandering arong a public park in the town i live, and found a hooker waiting for costumers at the park’s main entrance. I asked her how much was it and where could we do it. She told me the price and suggested the nearest public washroom. We entered, and she took my cock into her hands. Her hands were dirty, with severe bitten fingernais, no longer than 2 mm and put it in her mouth. She was a wonderful sucker and spitted on my cock, while sucking and licking it, giving my a great wet blowjob. She took her short skirt and panties off filling the small cabinet with the stench of her very dirty cunt, and told me it was OK to buttfuck her, if I liked it. I said “yes” and shove the whole of my cock into her asshole. The stench and my hard-on kept increasing and she asked my to take the cock out of her ass, because she wanted me to come in her mouth. I asked her to give me a really dirty blowjob, and shesucked, spit on my cock and licked it until I came in her mouth and face. She then licked all the sperm and swallowed it. It was a fuck to remember.

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