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Matt and Julio dropped by my used bookshop today and we got a chance to talk. I found myself in an oddly confiding mood at one instance.

Later I wondered why. Possibly weariness and distraction (I was in the midst of pricing a collection of Sherlockiana when they arrived). Mightíve been simply that since heís been reading my weblog he has some notion of ďour story so far.Ē Matt has reminded me a bit of one of my best friends, one of the two friendships I credit for helping me remain reasonably clearheaded. My friend, Victor, was permanently pissed and society and haunted by ethics. I see Ė perhaps inject some of that into Matt. Lots of people are equally haunted and pissed. Really sometimes I get tired of them whining about it. (Should I change the name of my weblog to Life isnít fair, get over it?). Iím going to hate myself in the morning for saying this Ė I even checked a thesaurus to avoid it Ė but it may be that I only find those qualities likeable when they are filtered through a kind of manliness.

Then again Iíve often been a confiding kind of guy. Iím asocial as hell. But once my carefully maintained force field is passed Iím usually cheerfully as open as I can be. Probably necessary for someone with my worldview: once youíve dealt with the portions of reality that can be explained by astrophysics and biochemistry, truth becomes personal. It is born from what youíve read, who youíve known, oneís experience.


funny that you should suggest manliness as a means to convey a horror of the unethical—its as if to say that your legion of fairies are honoured for their ‘incapacity.’

somethings wrong with mny java, i hate filling-in the form every time…

You are misunderstanding (or pretending to) about the use of the world ‘manliness.’

I’m the last person to equate masculinity with anything ethical. I was trying to capture a particular texture of two individuals ethical feelings.

I need to find a different qualifier.

I often reply at individual archive pages because I don’t like the pop-ups. One some weblogs too much of the form is off screen.

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On having an open nature
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