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Some months back Google almost completely stopped sending folks to Pansexual Sodomite. I have experience and am habituated to how a site can slide up and down in search engine results. Over time I came to feel - and I’m not really interested in debating or justifying this - that I’d triggered some sort of automatic devaluation. Perhaps my atypical sexual vocabulary - though that seems unlikely.

There’s always the possibility that a penalty was manually inflicted. But that seems paranoid. I can’t see why anyone in Google’s search quality department might decide this site is especially deserving of isolation.

I filed a request to have the site reevaluated. (It is called reinclusion request but that is a misnomer since the request also covers how your site is indexed. Pansexual Sodomite was never removed from the index.)

My consistent experience has been you get a response within a week or never. I waited three months. Then I decided my only option was to move the site. But I didn’t want to change the site’s name.

I adopted the pansexual label years ago. Partly because bisexual seemed too constricted and limiting. (So long ago that at one point the Wikipedia’s entry for pansexual was swiped from me. For how long I don’t know. I learned of it only after an editor caught and removed the plagiarism.)

Some people seem to use pansexual as a sort of namby-pamby equivalent of sexually tolerant and accept. This has diminished my fondness for the term. But I’ve never cared for omnisexual or another of the other alternatives I’ve encountered.

I find my ability to find other people attractive only increases. One reason being that I sometimes look at people and imagine why others would find the person sexually appealing. A disinterested erotic appreciation. But empathasexual is an unwieldy coinage.

While I’m attracted to almost everybody my social sexual orientation is gay. I simply cannot think of myself otherwise.

I never thought to make gay part of this site’s title. The word lacks edge, the old queer noir sexuality, any suggestion of outcast or deviant. It lacks romance.

Queer is fine but too suggestive of academic queer theory.

Fairy ( - or faery - ) is charming. But it belongs to the radical fairies. I esteem them but I’m not one of them.

Fag or faggot. I’ve applied that word to myself for years. A bravura - however impotent and weak - reclamation of the words: in your face, universe! As a site title it would probably attract a wearisome amount of junk comments from homophobes.

I wish I could remember who it was - some British literary queer - who suggested taking back the word sodomite. I’ve been very happy to use it. I value the second word in the site’s name more than the first.

Anyway I’ve moved the site. You may be looking at the address bar and wondering if I’m pulling your leg. I moved from PansexualSodomite.Org to That way I keep the domain name and site name the same.

I have no real notion if this will do a whit of good. One downside is that I no longer have the various backlinks I accumulated over the years. Nothing major but this domain has none. Those inbound links is one of the thing Google values most in estimating a site’s value.

We’ll see.

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Symbol of Pansexuality.
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I’m curious - do you seem gay? I mean, would you ping my gaydar if we met?

Nah, I have a conventionally Southern American masculine persona.

Your feelings?

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