Putting a dog down

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Duchess was Charles’ pet and friend for half his life.

Being almost the only thing he had left from childhood he cherished her greatly. Typically of Charles’ he neglected her.

For some time the dog has been in frequent if not constant pain. Clearly the time had arrived to grant her the mercy of death.

Charles wouldn’t allow that. He wanted her to stay alive until Christmas. Wanting to spend one last Christmas with her, even though chances were that he wouldn’t actually do that was typical of his perversely sentimental streak. Softness is often selfish.

Duchess spend the weekend coughing and moaning. I just called Durham Animal Control. Someone will come, pick her up and after examination I’m sure they will put her to rest.

Part of me would like to be able to take her to a vet to have that done. She has been my friend as well. Another timidly shrinks from the task and is glad it will be done out of my sight.

Your feelings?

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Putting a dog down
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