Sleepless in Durham

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Been one of those weeks.

Last Saturday after I'd gone to bed Charles was in low spirits and called a - uh, er, um - friend. His conversations with this fellow (called the Sad Scientist in earlier entries) usually leave Charles in a rage and Charles had been able to go two months without talking with him.

Back when Charles was in a coma the Sad Scientist shared all manner of unwanted, wicked gossip about Charles with me (a polite way to say he told me a bunch of lies). I should've just slammed the phone down but those of you who read my entries then know I was feeling damaged and bewildered.

I forgot what the Sad Scientist shared for a time. Eventually I told Charles and he sanely wrote SS out of his life. But alone in the night Charles needed someone to talk to. Probably won't err that way again.

Charles veered up into a hurtful rage that lasted into the next day. (If you have an acquaintance that sends you in a rage slap yourself in the face anytime you think of calling.)

By Sunday night Charles had a migraine requiring a few hours in Durham Regional Hospitals Emergency Room. His anti-migraine medications occasionally leave Charles unable to sleep.

Not having slept since Friday night by Tuesday he was falling asleep, sometimes more than once a minute. If he's sitting in a chair I have to keep reawakening him lest the way his head falls hurts his neck.

For the next couple of days Charles would be lapsing into unconsciousness but unwilling to go to bed. I can't say why, neither can he. My times was spent taking care to be sure that he didn't hurt his neck, drop a cigarette or coke in his lap or his plate on the floor. Continually he'd phase into a more alert state and couldn't have gone to sleep if he wanted to (quite a sinister sine curve it'd make).

Thankfully he went to bed last night and got a good night's rest. As exhausted as his body surely is he likely needs a few nights of rest to recover.

I was burnt out myself and went to bed not long after and slept to the (for me) amazingly late hour of 7:00 a.m.

Hope your week was kinder.

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