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When I looked at my prior entry I was a startled. Did I write that?

I hate seeing the word irony used that way.

And I haven’t wanted to kill myself lately.

I remember planning on a short note about what one may want compared to what you can have: unrequited desire, asymmetrical passions.

Now, to be honest I have thought about suicide some. Not with any intent to do so.

Mostly I’ve felt frustrated that should removing myself from this world become a desirable goal I doubt I’ll have the courage.

I believe in the right to do. And think that when a person finds life intolerable due to illness they should be able to cleanly and decently arrange to die voluntarily and with dignity.

Sadly the majority Christian culture disallows this. Suicide is what they call a sin. They think it better for a person to suffer horribly for weeks or months and be allowed to remove themselves from agony quietly and decently.

One of the many sordid examples of how religion prevents America from being anything but the land of the free.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Suicidal?.

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