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I mentioned Krysta earlier in an entry deploring that I’ve made so few female friends.

While gender is really irrelevant I suspect there are bit of how others experience life I’ve missed.

Funnily enough as I’ve discovered that bodily configuration is irrelevant to my ability to love I’ve become more interested in how gender affects the way people develop. How they embrace, reject or play with their gender and the qualities normally associated with it.

Krysta is I guess pretty typical for the kind of woman that I’ve tended to bond with: not stereotypically feminine. Not that she isn’t feminine but it isn’t something she’s cultivated. More distanced herself from conventions and allowed herself to toy with them a bit.

Wearing a Prince Albert as an earring is certainly novel.

Actually I’ve made few friends in my life of any sex or type. Call it a defect - elitism even if you wish - but few people can really engage my attention.

It isn’t from lack of desire. Well maybe it is if only slightly. Desire shaped by expectation. And I’m a happy solitary.

Last night we hung out chatting about all sorts of things until two in the morning. A rare and happy experience.


Oh man, what a tease. I read through the whole post, but I still have to come back for the real meat of your blog.

Your feelings?

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