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Yesterday found me in Dukeís Wound Management Clinic. My earlier illness hit my bad leg and suddenly a blister had been born just above the ankle. Wrapping and antibiotics will make it well again in a few weeks. I shouldíve gone to the clinic earlier but a demented hope to save money kept me continually putting it off. Now my dopiness will have me paying more.

Later at home I found an email from PayPal. blorky had sent a gift. I couldíve blushed that my having written of being so broke had caused him to do this. But kindness both in it material effect and as an expression of an expression of affection or esteem isnít anything to blush for receiving. My thanks to Michael.

Iíd made a small donation to a LJ member who was changing jobs and was doing to be woefully short of necessities for a couple of weeks myself. Iíve actually seen a few posts by LJ members, mostly trans people whoíd been abandoned by their families who had hungry days Ė literally days without food. If Iíd seen a PayPal link Iídíve sent a little something. I wouldnít encourage anyone to use his or her weblog or journal to seek alms. A few people did that earlier in the year, quickly exhausting the publicís patience. Maybe youíll find yourself the recipient of an online friendís benevolence some day when youíre really desperate.

Iím having email problems today. And I canít sit at the computer for an extended period. Sorry for any emails either not received or neglected.

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Thanks Michael (blorky)
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