The Case of the Missing Rolex

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Another day begun a little earlier than I wished. Cussed with an inability to sleep late that is true of most of my mornings. Recently, unusually Charles has been waking first. I know him well enough to know when he wants companionship. After futile fifteen minutes of selfishly trying to fall back asleep my guilt gets me up.

We started our day by watching Sex and the City reruns. Could be called Mars & Venus in the City. I caught a couple of old episodes last week when my nightly task was to avoid worrying. Maybe it had been my rough week but I found myself laughing. Combine romantic comedy with women making catty remarks and you have entertainment that won't fail to please Charles.

Charles nodded off, I thought I'd go back to trying to figure out why a horizontal scroll bar appeared across the bottom of my website. Unhappily when I tried to go to the site the screen said "Currently unavailable, contact customer service." My angered melted the moment I remembered that my debit card's expiration date had changed. I'm too used to my bookshop's service providers doing this that I didn't get pissed. None of them send a warning that a card number is about to become invalid. I went to's support page, sent them the new expiry date and was back up in less than a half hour.

Inescapably though more serious drama came to Davidson Avenue. Many years ago after his Uncle Henry died the widow gave Charles his uncle's Rolex watch. Charles loves that silver Rolex. It isn't just a watch; it is a bond with his family, living and dead. It never releases his wrist.

Neither of us had seen it since he'd been taken to the hospital. The watch hadn't been in the ziplock bag of personal stuff we'd brought from the hospital. We couldn't find it anywhere in the house. Had an EMS person stolen it?

Charles was verging on tears. Not ready for another crisis I was feeling more desperation than anything else. Finally the obvious hit my mind and I called the hospital. The operator told me hospital policy was to valuable to be given to the Security Dept. and lock them away. She transferred me to their extension but all I got was a recording. I sat there frustrated. I knew there'd be no peace at home until we found out if they had the watch. The obvious presented itself again and we got in the car. Charles' mind was so blurred I had to give him directions to Durham Regional and to a parking space. We made our way to the security office. Out came a sealed envelop which when opened revealed Charles' Rolex.

A couple of hours ago Charles went to bed. I lay next to him running my fingertips along his neck until he'd snored long enough to let me know he was really asleep.

I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Hope yours was more pacific, full of food and family.


My wife has a Rolex and after loosing it twice we decided to buy a replica watch that can be put through wear. I found one on a Rolex Replica site . Our friends never noticed we have a genuine and a fake. You might get one for your friend too.

Matt, thanks for the suggestion. Charles has actually bought a couple of watches to wear instead of the Rolex but always goes back to it. He wears it because it was given to him by a deceased family member and having it on makes him feel closer to his family most of whom have passed away.

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The Case of the Missing Rolex
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