The pleasures of paper & pen or at least long emails

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I used to write long letters to my close friends. Twenty pages on a legal pad weren't rare. I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that I've proven to be such a verbose person when typing away to post notes and essays (to invoke an overly ambitious word) online.

Email's instant ease has led me to write just as hastily but more briefly. If ilikenellyguys was more willing to use the AIM he installed a while back or ilikenellyguysdurham (see a theme?) the Yahoo client he's had for years I could get it down to the terseness of the instant messenger chat.

I just got through typing a longish email to the guy I tend to think of my best virtual friend (just on my side, he has lots of online pals - I think my list of online folks I communicate with often wouldn't exhaust the fingers of one of my hands).

It was good to type something heartfelt to just one person again. While I wrote my feelings passed from nostalgia, blushing carnal admiration, confession of ignorance and the simple delight of writing to someone that I'm glad to know is alive.

There was lots to be said for the days of paper and pen.


When I write I hold the pen with about 50 lbs of force (yes I have broken pens) I quickly go into cramps and thus can only write one page at the most.

Email has opened a new world for me; I can at long last write a long letter to loved ones. And they love every minute of it.

Its not that I’m a great writer its just they have never seen me put together a story before and are surprised that I can do it.

I love letters and have saved every letter ever written to me and I’m pushing 50 so there’s a stack in storage but I never could write back the way I wanted. Email has freed me. And I love it.

Know what you mean about holding the pencil too tightly. I used to wear a groove into the side of one of my fingers.

Probably my tendency toward brevity owes more to my repetitive stress injuries than email as such.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about The pleasures of paper & pen or at least long emails.

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My Life is an Open Blog
The pleasures of paper & pen or at least long emails
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