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I sit here with $50.00 in the bank, the mortgage and most other bills overdue and unpaid. After two years of managing to deflect and manipulate money problems my back is against the wall.

A paycheck goes into the account this morning. With luck no utility company will shut us off until I can pay them Wednesday. I’ll manage to make the June mortgage payment by getting Gordon to not cash the checks that I write for my taxes and social security. I’ll put my more of my old comics on eBay: Charles Biro’s Boy Comics and (pre-Marvel) Daredevil

Charles Biro invented the crime comic book. And he was on of the golden age of comic’s good storytellers. After their initial lurid issues the stories began to focus on social ills and fair play.

I’d never planned to collect early crime comic books. A dealer used a coverless copy of Crime Does Not Pay as packaging. Reading it I was surprised by the narrative quality and that George Tuska, a comic book artist who’d been despised in my youth had once been very good. Many artists who’d been ill-used by the industry would eventually turn out poor work in their bitterness, most notably, Steve Ditko, creator of Spiderman and Doctor Strange.

The time has come I think for me to become Charles’ “payee.” I.e., he can’t spend any money without my permission. Aside from losing a couple of hundred dollars he really has stopped squandering money. But it takes only a few moments to wreck a month. And it’ll enable me to negotiate with the bank and credit card company that he owes $4,500 dollars to. Financing without diminishing that debt is $150 a month spent to no effect.

Sadly I need to get all this in order so that instead of being the steady solver of the weekly crisis I can decide if I should be living with Charles. It is a difficult equation to crack. There’s nothing better than hearing “I love you” from one that you love. There’s nothing stupider than letting someone destroy you.

I’m not angry, not even sad. Very worried and a bit weary.


are you really happy together, or are you merely together? Does he fulfill 50% of a healthy relationship, or is he 99% of a dysfunctional one? Is he what is good for you, or what you need? Does it matter, love being blind? ” love you, you pay my rent…”

PS, Do you have paypal?

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The root of much evil
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