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I'd like to take this time and space to confirm that I am alive. I won't say that I'm well. But having known many people with lives that are genuinely tough I'll not shame myself by bitching about issues that don't involve paying for shelter, food and warmth.

I'm too dispirited to say much about what is going on. Charles is in temporary exile. Meaning that he is staying with someone he'd be happier away from but it may help him from doing something so foolish I'd leave him to starve. As much as I want to protect the lad I have to survive myself.

I'm amusing myself by reading some A.J. Liebling and watching Jeeves and Wooster DVDs.

Over there on the sidebar you'll see “My Other Spaces.” All have been added to recently. One has a couple of pretty pictures, another some long entries but I can't figure out why you'd want to read about computer magazines and their ilk. Two are mostly citation sites, pointing people to things I think funny, evil or both. One is merely a cynical exploitation of the web. At least an attempt of using it for filthy lucre. (You guess which.)

My goal is to get through the week, month with as little fuss, stress as I can manage. Albeit with copious doses of nicotine and alcohol. After that happy days will be here again or I'll veer off into a binge of sordid but thrilling tell all entries.


ah you know how we dote on you richard.

did you receive our postcard?

i was happy to hear you were on the rebound when i got back. apparently, that did not last. oh well…perhaps you will swing back again.

just know we all love ya,

hang tight.

FCUK pristine

Gotta say, I’ve enjoyed your site! Great blogs!

There must be something in the air because a couple I know is having similar problems.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m putting good thoughts into the Universe for you that you’ll both come out of this stronger, happier, and SOON.

Your blogging friends care about you.

Yes we do care.

Hang in there, Richard!

My thanks to you folks for your kindness. More to follow soon.

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The sodomite blahs
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