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Charles spent last night planting five bags of violets. Might sound like quite a quantity but it didn't fill up that much space. In the post-midnight hours of today he watered them. Our meddlesome Baptist bitch of of a neighbor was up and called the police. Having nothing better in the wee hours of a.m. the officer enjoyed himself by lecturing and berating Charles for violating the water conservation regulations.

Charles didn't sleep last night. He says it was a side effect of a pain pill. I think it was itchy fear of today's psychiatric evaluation of his rights to disability payments. The examiner said that she didn't make the final decision but that she'd recommend his benefits be continued.

Maybe if they deformities of his gut aren't enough his vulnerability to panic will save him from losing his monthly check and medical care.

I've just put him to bed where I hope he will stay since he has important negotions tomorrow about helping a church form a proper choir.

My evening has been dominated by a rare sinus headache. The pain isn't that sharp or strong. But I've felt weak, annoyed and impatient. Enough so to almost brush off Charles in his sweetest mood. Perhaps I'm feel strained and exhausted by the shop and should take a 'vacation.' I use quotes because I wouldn't be anywhere but here at home. I may need to distance myself from work so I can return refreshed and less weary of it.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Tired.

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