Venous Stasis and Compression Stockings

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Went to Duke's Wound Management Institute as I have every Friday for the last couple of months. My legs were finally well enough that they didn't wrap them. Instead they gave me a couple of pair or prescription compression stockings. They say that anyone who has ever suffered from venous stasis has to wear stockings for the rest of their life.

A nuisance but the stockings do keep your legs warmer in winter.

Actually when I was first hit with venous stasis seven years ago I was able to abandon the stockings after six months. But I riding my bike and working out every day. And my diet was stringently healthy. Another incentive to state doing the obvious and sane thing again.

I let myself get derailed during some rough times between myself and Charles. The second time I've let that happen. There's a long entry about that simmering quietly in the back of my mind.

Charles is chatting on AOL alot nowadays. That has kept me from the PC when I was in a journaling mood. We really need to become a two PC household.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Venous Stasis and Compression Stockings.

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Venous Stasis and Compression Stockings
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