What would be your first act on leaving your lover?

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As couples sometime do Charles and I felt we'd reached the end of the road: time to go our separate ways.

Before our 3:00 a.m. reconciliation I lay awake planning the first day of my new life. What was I going to do on arising? Turn off the cable TV service. Not just the premium channels and play when you want to see it service. I was going to rid myself of everything.

It isn't that I watch too much television. I watch almost none. Possibly why I resent it as one of the more frivolous expenses in our lives. I can live without seeing Queer as folk Season 4 (my main entertainment is watching Emmett).

If there's a moral lesson in what was passing through my mind a few nights ago you'll have to be the one to draw it.


I think that the gay community put’s so much stress on the young and good looking and the better the bod the better the sex. I have been with my partner almost 6 yrs but now that he is turning 39 he see’s as 40 as he is from poland and has only been in america 8 yrs. And even thou he meet me i was a stripper at the time but i stopped and went back to school and i still feel young and tell him we should go out more. But i am six month’s older than him and now we or he fight’s all the time even thou i have taken to not reply when he strats one he goes on .And he is more emotional stronger than me and has learned how to really hurt m,e emotionally!! So i am tired of his threat’s of him leaving or i “can go to your stupid faimly in texas” Yet his faimly that kicked a 17 year old out on the street at 17 for being gay is now great! I am tired of the crying i do so i will begone when he come’s home tommorow with asimople note “Gregory i will never forget you but i can’t take the pain no more good luck in your search for a younger man marty. So i am sure there are other things but with gregory it is the look’s and youth. He no longer likes to hold me he only say’s he stilol loves my long curly black hair. I changed my name for him but that i guess was not enough to beat americas idea of the perfect lover or partner.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about What would be your first act on leaving your lover?.

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Pansexual Sodomite
My Life is an Open Blog
What would be your first act on leaving your lover?
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