Joined Netflix (hope they have lots of queer films)

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With no cable television connection and the car stolen we can't even rent movies. My procrastination in signing up for Netflix ended. Their inventory of DVDs has grown considerably since my cursory examination a couple of years ago.

Netflix owes my membership partly to other webloggers. So many mention what they've rented or display their queue that I figured that Netflix must be in that rare group of online entrepreneurs like Amazon and eBay who know how to make the web pay. Pay by making their customers happy.

My first batch:

The Trip, a gay movie I've wanted to see for a while. It never showed up at Durham's video rental stores.

Further Tales of the City, Charles likes the series. My memory of the prior episodes is dim. Mostly I remember that back in San Francisco my hair and moustaches was much like Mouse's in the first season.

Birth of the Blues & Blue Skies, a Bing Crosby double feature. Blue Skies I'm sure I've seen. Being at work I was in haste to make an initial selection for them to ship today.

Charles is in television withdrawal. My own days are happier without a TV talking and talking and talking. I can catch the few HBO and Showtime series that I enjoy when they come out on DVD in a year or two.

Netflix's recommendations seem to be useless. I spent a bit of time rating a bunch of movies I've seen. And noting that I'm not interested in an even larger batch. Netflix keeps offering me the chance to rent movies that I've already said don't interest me. (And don't they have a mighty large selection of John Wayne movies.)

Finding out new gay movies to watch won't be hard, I can always skim Amazon and TLA Video. It'll be harder for me to find new silly movies to watch than it was in the local video rental shop. I'd wander through, pick up boxes and read the back. Online browsing is necessarily but unhappily more focused.

Pity my irregular attempts to get reader of my weblogs to suggest movies have never worked out. I'll probably find myself sending for many of the awful horror movies from the last three years.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Joined Netflix (hope they have lots of queer films).

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Joined Netflix (hope they have lots of queer films)
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