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Seeking the therapeutic powers of escapist entertainment and making a last effort to patch together things together with Charles I upgraded my Netflix account to eight movies out at time.

I have seventy-one movies in my Netflix queue. A few queer films, British tv comedies I've mostly never even heard of. Some old chestnuts from the days of Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant and RKO.

I'd like to load the queue more heavily so the flow of movies will continue unabated for the next month or so.

As I've done before I thought I'd see if I could catch a passing web surfer's attention and get a few movie recommendations.

Happily or not I've probably seen almost every movie that I'd like to watch from the 30s through the 90s that has been out on video or DVD. My enthusiasms are narrow:

Busby Berkeley, Fred Astaire and kindred: I'll watch any silly old screwball comedy.

Hammer, AIP, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Wes Craven: just about every horror movie ever made through the end of the 1980s no matter how witless.

The Day the Earth Stood Still is the most beloved movie of my childhood. Likewise I watch almost every science fiction movie made until Spielberg and Lucas made them popular.

Pretty much all the trashy, exploitative movies that fall under the label psychotronic.

And Jackie Chan. But to me that is the other side of the coin as Fred Astaire.

That is what I've seen and obviously I'm asking for your help with what I haven't.

I'm looking for fairly recent movies to get from Netflix. Two categories:

Horror movies. Last time I was in a video rental store there were lots and lots of them. The last kind of movie to judge by its box. My standards aren't high. No vain hopes of original ideas. Merely competent presentation, able pacing. Inventive mayhem is a plus but has always been hard to come by. I don't even expect good acting. All I ask is the movie not make me squirm in my chair. Sadly I can't remember the last one that I genuinely took pleasure in. The ring thing was risible. But for me watching this sort of trash is a ritual. One that I enjoy and please don't get the impression that I apologize for it.

Fluffy romantic comedies are what I'm really hoping for. In these the thought of evading clichés is laughable. The necessaries are at lest mildly charming performers and a director who can gracefully glide over the improbabilities. Cheerful nugatory films with happy endings quite unlike real life.

I don't watch TV if there isn't a DVD in the player, don't read magazines. I live in such a poverty of mass culture that I couldn't tell you the name of five movies playing in theaters. So I have to solicit the kindness of strangers.

Curious to see if Netflix's own recommendation system could help me I've rated over 1,100 movies. Netflix has given up trying to make suggestions. Even when it is brave enough it is still apt to offer me anime and John Wayne movies. Or movies with subtitles - my eyes can't deal with them. I'm surprised there isn't the simple option to exclude foreign language and animated titles. Netflix's recommendations are almost enough to make me appreciate Amazon's.

Neftflix's categorization is painfully shallow. I'd like to be able to browse 1950s American sitcoms. It is wearying to have to push through collections of All in the Family and The Jeffersons. But I was glad to see they did have the I Married Joan collection. Always had a soft spot for Jim Backus.

If you made it down here to the final paragraph do leave a suggestion or ten.


have you tried the british run of ‘serious’ romantic gay comedies like Beautiful Thing and Get Real? Also there’s Bedrooms and Hallways, done by the woman who did Go Fish, and starring Hugo Weaving from Priscilla, among others. State of Main and Picking up the pieces are also quite enjoyable, occasionally meaty, pieces of fluff - the latter with one of the friend’s men as a priest and woody allen as a wife-murderer. Good luck with the films and with the rest.

Bedrooms and Hallways was one of the first movies I got from Netflix (never could find it here). Keep meaning to post an entry about it.

Beautiful Thing I?ve been putting off since I think I?ve seen almost all the gentler gay movies (including Get Real).

State of Main, of which I?d never heard, was exactly the sort of suggestion I was looking for.

You MUST see Tokyo Godfathers. Absolutely amazing. 3 homeless bums, one a run-away father, one a run-away teen, and the last an aging crossdresser, discover an abandoned baby on Christmas.

I don’t know how you feel about animation, particularly Japanese anime, but realize most is intended for adult audiences and makes up much of Japan’s film industry because it’s the simplest, most effective way to make movies in that nation.

It’s also absolutely beautiful.


I’ve been selling anime and manga books for year (I own a comics shop).

I’ve been meaning to try Japanese animation again. When I last gave it a shot it hadn’t become popular in the US. The dubbing was of the a guy and his six friends school and sometimes I’d just cringe.

I keep meaning to investigate some of the gay themed anime but never get around to it. And some of the work by artists whose work has caught my eye in the shop.

Sadly Tokyo Godfathers, at least the copy Netflix has, is dubbed. I have an eye impairment that makes subtitles intolerable.


Your feelings?

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Netflix can't make useful recommendations, can you?
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