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I’ve mostly been happy to sing Netflix’s praises. My movies arrive speedily. Despite my often quick turnaround I haven’t felt really penalized or throttled.

Finally Netflix has done something to really anger me.

Each week I’ve used the new DVDs section to choose new movies for my queue.

Gone are New DVDs This Week and New to DVD.

Now I can slowly dig through one category four DVDs at a time. There is a secondary category but it isn’t one I care about even though I did select a few DVDs from it. And I can see the movies that I rejected a year ago.

Netflix has found a way to keep me from finding new movies to watch. This is not in their long-term interest.


The page you’re looking for is still there, there’s just no link to it anywhere. Try

Many thanks, that is much appreciated.

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Netflix's New New Releases Listings
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