Cigarette Addiction

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I now how unappealing personal cautionary tales can be but it doesn’t seem amiss to make one final post about my cigarette smoking.

I was a terrifically heavy smoker. As cigarette prices rose, my cigarettes became my third largest personal expense - some months my second, exceeded only by my mortgage. The addiction was strong enough for me to risk financial ruin rather than quit.

More significantly if I hadn’t smoked I wouldn’t suffer from COPD. Now I have to cope with the limitations, impositions, inconveniences and expenses of needing medicine and extra medical care for my lungs.

It is probably the single stupidest thing I’ve ever done to myself. And I’ve witlessly albeit unwittingly inflicted many wounds upon myself.

It was my mothers smoking that led to her demise. Not cancer. Complications of her own pulmonary disorder killed her.

Your feelings?

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