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I'm a sentimental guy. I can remember the first time Charles and I went to the grocery store as a couple. It was the third time we went to one. We did on the day we met and the first day I stayed with him in Raleigh. OK, let me qualify that: I'm a very sentimental guy.

This has probably been clear here though I can't be sure if the eerie decorum that sometimes creeps in ever hides my soppy side (is decorum much more than a snazzy word for seeking respect by hiding flaws?).

A recent accession of cash has enabled me to pay the mortgage and all the utility bills. Even if I were living alone being able to feel free to answer the telephone again without fear of discovering a collection agent would make my days easier. Debt is Hell.

Having money naturally I had to buy something for Charles. Discovering there were a couple of recent Chuck Wagon Gang reissues made that easy. Won't matter if he already has the songs, I just like being able to buy him things. (For myself I ordered Jack Teagarden's Mis'Ry & The Blues and Dave Clarke's Electro Boogie, Vol. 2.)

We've spent the last three days doing quotidian things. Lots of grocery shopping, with his injured jaw we've visited half dozen grocery stores to find food he can ingest without heavy chewing. Buying unglamorous necessaries like air filters, ibuprofen and ordering a new coffee pot.

Bourgeois as hell I'm quite content right now to be like any other middle class queer man living with the guy he loves. The merely routine can be very good, very happy. I had a pretty electrifying youth and am happy to get my endorphin bursts from the quotidian.


As I may have stated a time or two I have 30 years of restaurant in my back ground.

A few years ago when they ripped my jaw out and rebuilt it and put it back in I had to learn a new way of cooking. Whatcha cooking? Was often answered with someting soft dear something soft. Drinks like V8 help with your vegetable needs and over cooked pasta works well for carbs. Beans are good protien and he’ll need protien to heal. Red beans and rice, Lima beans and beef barley soup are great sources of protiens. I throw Bananas and raspberries with some ice in the blender for fruit smoothies.

Any help you need on soft food, I’m a damn expert now. I still can’t eat nuts and its been two years!

I used to make smoothies out of tofu and frozen strawberries, only use I ever found for tofu.

I’m not sure what he can eat. His crohn’s disease was put in remission by an intestinal resection: the cut part of it out.

Fiber (beans) and even tiny seeds (berries) can be a problem.

I’d have thought that overcooked pasta would be stiff but then I’ve never cared much for pasta (I think my momma used to serve some weird things with seashell pasta). I didn’t know it could get more limp (probably I’ve never had properly cooked pasta).

I’ll let Charles know. Many, many thanks.


Re: tofu

If you ever taste my deep fried tofu chunks or tofu lemon cheesecake, you’ll know that tofu can be fun…

…and the phrase “deep fried tofu chunks” is not a euphemism either….


Back when I lived in San Francisco there was a place constantly advertising their tofu burgers on the radio. I know decent use can be made of it, especially in desserts. I?m just too lazy.

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Bourgeois, sentimental sodomite
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