Charles' birthday

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Charles' birthday isn't until Saturday but I always give him some of his presents early. Telling him that we needed to talk to an envelope supplier I had Yance take me to Home Depot. There I bought a good pair of pruners (cheap pair died), some systemic Rose fertilizer, a herbicide sprayer (cheaper than last birthday's - Charles can't take care of anything) and a metal trellis for the unplanted climber roses (people with large estates have fewer roses than we do). Charles was delighted, I'm a weak second when it comes to his love, but who can be jealous of a rose garden? (OK, I can.)

I'd hoped to find him some more Chuck Wagon Gang CDs. The site that lists some and a couple of videos didn't have anything of an early enough vintage. They list stuff they don't have, wasn't ever made.

A couple of more presents will arrive by mail.

Googling about I'd hoped I could find him a tie-dye t-shirt based on the rainbow flag but had no luck. The current offering of tie-dye t-shirts baffled me. Looking I saw 'pagan' (ignorant twits) symbols, American flags, band worship. I was looking for random splotches of color that you wore when you were stoned and listening to Hendrix.

Surely I do love my little fellah with his narrow shoulders. Selfishly I hope we can keep things going until I lay my head on my pillow for the final time.

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Charles' birthday
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