Cruel kindness of bankers

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Been an annoying few days.

When Charles dropped by our house to pick up a bottle of meds he'd forgotten a Durham County Deputy Sheriff had left a note on the door. It warned that if he didn't respond by 5:00 p.m. a warrant for his arrest would be issued. This sent my poor sweetheart into one of the worst panic attacks he'd ever had.

After three hours of calls he learned that he was being summoned to testify at the trial of the man who stole his car. Seems a rough way to treat the victim of the crime.

I deposited my latest paycheck into my overdrawn account. When I checked the account this morning I expected to see a modest positive balance. Instead I discovered that RBC Centura had honored a few small debits charging me $76 dollars for what proved a very cruel kindness.

Before when I overdrew my account Centura would honor the first overdraft, charge me nothing. Instead my bank balance has been pushed back into the red by legal theft.

My Netflix account is frozen. Not the end of the world, I entertained myself this morning by reading a couple of light gay novels. Still I'd like to have a few movies to watch with Charles. Nice to just sit and hold hands. Not something I can do with a book.

Ah well, I borrowed Naked Civil Servant from a friend (why isn't it available on DVD?) and will amuse myself with an evening of bitter British queerness.

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Cruel kindness of bankers
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