Dead cat in a garbage bag

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Photo of a dead cat named Pocket

Charles brought to our life together two ferrets, three cats and a dog. Within a month I lost two cats who'd been my friends for about fifteen years. It actually took me a couple of years to really become reconciled to the loss of my favorite. Confirmed my fear that I might be too sentimental for any pet that wouldn't outlive me.

Pocket was one of the cats that went from being his to ours. Pocket was a large amiable stolid tabby. He liked to sit in the tub and ponder the enamel. I wondered why that didn't stop him from shitting in the tub. Pocket was self-contained and spent much of his day atop boxes high in a closet. He'd descend to eat and be petted but had the gift of finding satisfaction in his own company.

Yesterday we found him lying in a corner sometimes emitting a terse pained yelp. It seemed that he might be in a coma; clearly he was dying. What could we do? With the car stolen we were almost immobile. The two people I'd ordinarily call for an emergency ride were busy. Even if we could make it the vet it seemed doubtful anything could be done. Or, my having just paid the mortgage, telephone, gas and power companies their due, could afford to do.

As long as no sound or vibration came near Pocket he was quiet. He wasn't showing signs of pain. When I checked this morning Pocket had died in the night.

While I wish Pocket were still alive I can accept a pet's death. My real concern has been for Charles. Charles loves his pets passionately. All of us mourn the loss of our small pals but move on quickly enough. It isn't that easy for the slender guy that I love.

Charles wanted to have Pocket cremated. My guess as the cost was surprisingly dead-on: $100 (urn not included).

In Durham, NC it is legal to bury your pet in your own yard. Our shovel broke when I was planting flowers last year. A friend will be delivering one later this evening. I'm too beat to dig the grave now. Come sunrise tomorrow I'll tear into the earth and bury the cat.

Charles went to visit a friend. I encouraged him to spend the night. Having Pocket's remains here in the house will only upset him.

For now his remains are in a black plastic garbage bag.


I’m sorry

Oh, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry for your loss.

that brought a tear to my eye. i’m really sorry for your guys’ loss. our pets have always been considered members of our family.

Losing a beloved pet is worse than cutting-up my fingers with a circular saw and the surgery and rehabilitation that followed. Losing a pet is enough to make a grown man cry. I consider a good pet more beneficial than human children in this day and age of human overpopulation and heterosexist bigotry.

I’ve never seen - thankfully - people casually mistreat their pets the way they often do their children.

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Dead cat in a garbage bag
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