Felicitations to the poultry industry

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As you can imagine I've never cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving (I've never cooked a turkey aside from drumsticks at all). Nor ham nor chicken. It isn't that I'm averse to celebrating the arrival of a bunch of radical protestant rejects in New England. Can't bitch about that since if they hadn't I wouldn't be here to laugh at the entertaining show.

Charles is elsewhere (more later if for unhappy reasons, never to be mention again problem if all goes well).

I'll wish you American folk an enjoyable Thanksgiving. And wait to read the reports of seeing Mom'n'Dad and how joyous that was.

Damn, I wish you people could shove some of that cornbread and dressing through my cable modem.


I’m fixing a roast chicken hen with sage dressing, homo-made noodles, and a green bean and bell pepper casserole, pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert. There’s only two of us but enough for 4 or 5. So come on up! Just turn left at Tallulah Falls then right at Lookout Mountain and go north about 500 miles. We’re the house on the hill with the long lane, watch out for deer. And come as you are!

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Felicitations to the poultry industry
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