Fucking head cold

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Typically in late winter or early spring I point the fan at myself when I go to bed or open a window. I wake up the next day with a cold that may die by the next morning or live on for three days. The other evening I nodded off on the couch. I mustíve slept with my head open; later I woke up with a sore throat. Later it dropped down into my lungs leaving me congested as hell. On its own diabolical itinerary it moved up into my head today forcing me to leave the shop early. I always feel these attacks in the tube leading from my ear to my throat. It is as though thereís some nasty, electrified fluid. Superficially my symptoms always feel terrible: cold chills, tired, dizzy. But it isnít really serious. Iíd hoped Iíd have a fever. A few hours of hot sweating and Iím almost always instantly well. Sure hope Iím well tomorrow; Iíll have to be in the shop all day unless Iím so ill I need to head to the hospital. It isnít as though I can make my boss take my place.


I thought because i worked out in the gym 3x a week and took multiple vitamins and protien supplements i wouldnt catch the cold running around my household or at the very least, it wouldnt affect me as much….boy was i wrong!!! it hit me the hardest of all my family members! now i wait in snotty,drippy agony, nose raw from wiping for the bastard virus to leave…

you all are a bunch of fucking babies. Suck it up and move on. I feel like shit today, but I am not crying like a little fucking bratty baby. 3 words - Suck it up

I can’t fucking breathe, my head is clogged, I can’t sleep, and I feel like shit! I hate this Fucking Head Cold!!!!!!!!

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Fucking head cold
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