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Some time back I wondered why no clever spammer targeted gay men with junk emails. My email account at did get a couple of messages. One message was from a local hustler who I'll credit with enterprise. Another from a webcam boy. (Goes to and checks.) And today what is probably a third. Mysteriously entitled "Gay Closet" the message itself is blank (possibly because I'm browsing with Firefox). Ordinarily I don't go to, what do you know my old profile is still there. Wonder if anyone has ever read it.

April proved to be gay spam month at one email address"

Different Gay Reality Shows

For porn naturally, how much reality is in porn?

Gay Day is Here!

More porn, you can get that every day if you need it (and for free).

As Are My Young Guy, Live Hot Guys, WOW! HOT Gay Men On Display, all of which offer links to queer erotic thrills. You and I are too smart to click on the link but I'm sure some go visit the site, find their browser infested with spyware and that their homepage has become a porn or gambling site.

Young Men slapping each others nuts around

Is a bit cleverer. Surely there are men who are keen for this painful sounding entertainment.

Twnk Btchs

Took me a couple of seconds to decode that by inserting the requisite vowels. "These boys where str8 till they found these guys" the message says. As much as I may like twnk btchs I'm still not tempted to browse "st8ghthunks" which doesn't sound like a site focusing on tbs anyway.

Someone must've harvested one of my email addresses from a Yahoo club. I never throw an old email address away until the spammers start pounding it. Not that I need them anymore than the Gmail account I opened a few days ago. (How could I say no to Google?)

Semi-related: Mr. Penis Pill goes on a gay tour


You should be thankful you haven’t been spam bombed. I have two email accounts: a public account and an account given only to those I trust. The public account gets about 30-40 spams daily. More troublesome, my personal account, long spam-free, is now up to about four or five spams daily. Even with the mail filtering my mail client has, there are enough that get through to be annoying.

No, I don’t need my penis to be bigger (really!); No, I don’t want viagra; no, I’m not interested in horny teens’ first experiences. Just leave me alone.

(In case you’re wondering, sportbiker is my public account)

One last one:

Want to Play with boys in Masks

These Boys want to Chain you up and have a good time with you.

Yeah, sure they do.

The most recent:

Little Fruitcakes Flaunt Their Skinny Arses all over the place

im gay,live in scotland,and am looking to meet like minded people from all over the world.

havent came out yet,need a push i think

single at the moment,just waiting for mr right,lol,a good man is hard to find,or is it a hard man is good to find.

anyway drop me a line at

Realy good!

Hi there,

I am proud to be gay, but my family does not know that I am that way. I hope that they do not find out.

regards Hermine Bandung, Indonesia

YOu should’nt make phun on gays.

Hi i am Oz gay guy and proud of it the closet was smashed down long ago. I would love to talk to like minded fellas. email well talk

I love men so please contact me!!

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