Habitual Mnemonic Laziness

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Even in the hospital I wished I had a laptop if only to capture what had been passing through my mind while it was still hot and vivid. Now what seemed clear, precise and bright is just a dirty wash.

Admittedly the carelessness that I’ve always adopted with these memoranda has done nothing to strengthen my porous powers of recollection. I don’t feel like forgiving any of my lazy carelessness. It seems my final years may be spend paying for sins of borderline omission.


breast sizes and rice queens…looks as if you are on some path to recovery at least!

sorry to hear about your recent events. i was wondering whether you just got sick of the online experience.

stay in touch and lemme know how you’re getting along.

hug++ pristine

The erotic curiosity, playfulness never went away. I just don’t have anyone to explore it with. After a time giving up seems the sane choice.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Habitual Mnemonic Laziness
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