Happy New Year

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You are likely recovering from a night of debauchery. I went to bed early last night (wish I could say the same of Charles; he skipped sleeping so he could watch the Sex & the City marathon).

For me the first day of the year is the busiest day of the year. Books Do Furnish A Room has its annual New Year’s Day sale. When we started twenty years ago we were about the only thing open in Durham, NC. Now lots of mainstream shops have New Year’s Day sales. That has diminished our own success a bit: we went from doing ten days worth of business to doing about a week’s worth.

My final accomplishment of 2002 was installing Dean Allen’s Refer. Finally I can see which pages people are coming to. Allen’s Textism is well worth visiting for the elegance of its design.

Have a good 2003.

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Happy New Year
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