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It is a silly enough truism to be the title of a pop psychology book: the more often you give up the more easily you give up.

Long ago I wrote about the Worst Roommate of All Time. I thought she was the slob supreme. Then I met Charles.

At first I made efforts to keep the house clean. Only to find him using the floors and furniture as if they were all trashcans.

It was not long after I spent a day on my hands and knees pulling up the carpet because he wanted to see the hardwood floors that I finally got fed up. I stopped cleaning up. Slowly, inexorably our home went from looking like a mess to something from hurricane footage.

I used to threaten to take photos and post them here. I never did. Who would I shame but myself?

This is where Charles' name still being on the title deed to the house freezes me. I can start tidying up but there's not much to stop him from coming back and littering the place as a hobby.

Though I've kept him away pretty well recently. Continuing my recent trend of using imagery from D/s I gave him the Dom look and used the Dom voice. It was interesting. I'd never seen him walk backward out of a room before. Suddenly he was packing boxes and scrubbing the kitchen floor. Another sign that with some people power exchange is useful.

But I've kept him away since. The house really is quite filthy. I won't allow anyone in it. So even given overcoming other limitations how would I meet someone even for casual carnality (to which I admit I'm not greatly given).

Wonder if that local transvestite submissive whose great fantasy was cleaning up after people is still around.? This place is bad enough to give her a month of orgasms. I could buy her a French maid outfit. Those things are so silly I could only laugh at her. Which might be what she wants.

Reality intervenes.(Nasty old thing!)

I'll be off work for three days starting Tuesday. One of my goals is to start bending and picking up. Scrubbing and polishing. A long list of boring chores and needful things.

But - who knows - maybe the day will come when I can invite someone in my home without blushing?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Housecleaning.

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