Psychotronic Housecleaning

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Mill Creek Entertainment produces these packages of fifty old movies that if bought off Amazon cost between $12 and $15. There horror and science fiction collections contain films that range from the mediocre to so bad that they are too awful even for fans of Z cinema.

Normally when I do house cleaning I put on a CD and swing my broom in time with James Brown or Louis Jordan. But feeling antsy during one of the abysmal films from a Mill Creek 50 pack I started picking up while the innocent ran from the maniac.

I wound up spending a couple of days doing housework while aliens and vampires toyed with, chased and murdered their victims. Did a bit of cleaning, sat down and when I was bored by what was on the TV screen went back to work.

Proved so satisfactory that I’ve ordered a couple more of the cheap boxed sets.


Not sure if I should leave a comment for this, but I enjoyed reading this post :) Sometimes I think blogs should come equipped with “Like” buttons.

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