Quiet. Too quiet?

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Whew, Charles is finally out the door. Iíd been trying to get rid of him for five hours.

Heíd said earlier that he might visit a friend. Indiscreetly I let him know that was more than OK with me. Partly because Iím thinking about converting my website from SSI to PHP. Mostly because I wanted to nakedly wallow in the solace of silence and isolation. Charles has slept little the past three nights. Part of each evening is focused on watching him wander blearily about. Too tired to enjoy much of anything, too restless to rest.

I donít begrudge Charles these evenings. The more tired he gets the tenderer he is. But it saps you to have half your mind always on someone else, your own preoccupations interrupted. Now that heís gone Iím too tired to do much of anything. And after the early morning pleasures end Iíll be waiting for him to be back at home.

Really, Iím too tired to do much of anything. Pity he isnít home now.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Quiet. Too quiet?
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