Revoked drivers license

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Charles was out walking with some friends the other night. The Durham cops stopped them to make sure they weren't . . . what exactly I don't know: smoking dope, planning a terrorist attack, doing something that would earn them cop brownie points.

On checking Charles' drivers license one officer told Charles that his license had been revoked, probably for failure to show for a court date.

But - as the amazing TV offers bray - that's not all: property tax has been paid on neither car and both tags are long overdue for a fresh sticker.

We're in trouble.

They are Charles' cars (I posted about my one time behind a steering wheel a couple of days ago). An outsider can easily say they are his responsibility. But I know I'm the one who has to be responsible, to motivate, push, direct Charles. On the days when our life together when satisfaction in our life together is absent I just shrug and leave needful things undone. Neglected, they slide from memory.

I need to be a more 'take charge' kind of guy, a more determined man. I'm comfortable with the role. I need to butch up and not let melancholy defeat me.

I'd say wish me luck but it is really a matter of clarity and will. Most things are.


I would suggest you fuck him, and let codepency get stuffed, if it is his need for motivation, then let him motivate himself, if it is your need to be needed by a needy person, I offer pity. Sorry to take such an acerbic tone, but the attitude you take requires a slap.

With a hard love,


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Revoked drivers license
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