Rotten week in Durham, NC

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Been sick the last few days, may have been tainted food, don't know for sure. Alternating constipation with diarrhea accompanied by cold chills doesn't make for happy days.

And I overdrew my checking account. My webhosting fees will come due just before my next paycheck. Hope the site doesn't go offline.

Knowing better but having the urge to post something I wrote an entry in Computer Toaster that is getting an insane number of visits and drawing comments. I knew at least a couple of you are Mac fans and might like two add your two cents: Why I'll run Windows instead of Linux or buy a Mac.

Also, my on and off visitor, Mr. Spelling Troll.

If you'd like a Gmail account (and don't already have one) and have left comments here before email me and I'll be glad to send you an invite. Strangers need not ask.


While I’ll admit not many are stranger than me. I have posted here before and I would like an invite. Thank you.

I can empathize with your financial situation: mine’s similar. The other day I bought $20 worth of groceries and prayed my debit card wouldn’t be turned down (it wasn’t, but it was close).

Hope you feel better soon.

Your devoted Mac enthusiast,


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Rotten week in Durham, NC
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