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Not being sure if I should eject the winos without talking to Gordon first I left them in peace.

Charles’ accidentally revoked Medicaid has been restored. Now he can get Reglan for his migraines and his other medicines. I’ve know people dependent on public subsidies – what is now generically known as welfare – since I was a kid. But nothing clarifies my understanding of its necessity than knowing that the medication he needs to be able to eat would cost Charles almost $400 a month.

Charles also had his first meeting with his new psychiatrist. She’s at Duke and replaces the woman at Durham County’s Mental Health Center. The latter wasn’t where Charles could really receive appropriate care; the center is really geared towards drug addicts.

Charles’ social security disability insurance payments will be going directly to our joint account. I have the only debit card. Hopefully it’ll ameliorate our money problems.

Tomorrow we’ll try to stop smoking again (don’t bother wishing me good luck). Right now that is needful more because of the money it wastes than cigarettes damnable effect on our health.

[Insert edifying or amusing coda here.]

[Listening to: Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive - Ella Fitzgerald - (3:37)]

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Simple itemization
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