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Charles when I first met him was playing the organ for an American Anglican church. They split from the Episcopal Church. The American Anglicans' main gripe is they don't want women ordained as priests. Likewise they don't want gay priests, gay marriages, like the older liturgy and vote Republican.

Oddly enough they aren't racist. Actually the African churches in the Anglican Communion are among the most conservative. On moving to America many black Africans join an Anglican American church rather than a mainline Episcopalian church.

The church really liked Charles' reharmonizations of Bach fugues. They didn't care that he was gay. They paid him well. Eventually he left (I miss those paychecks).

He's never found a position with another church. He works as a 'supply organist' meaning he fills in when the regular organist isn't available. None of them have become a home church for him.

A few times he's gone back to the gay-friendly Episcopal Church in Raleigh, St. Marks. The drive to Raleigh is a bitch and this was the church he attended with his prior lover. Many bad memories.

I'm not sure how he found St. Titus. On holy days he was always looking for a church to go to. Regular communion is important to him. Episcopal churches celebrate the Eucharist weekly. (In my Baptist past communion was an irregular happening with grape Kool-aid and something like miniature oyster crackers.)

Charles has found a home in St. Titus and goes every week, sometimes to the mid-week service. Sometimes he fills in for the organist (without pay).

Charles is St. Titus' only white member. He's never felt a fraction of second's self-consciousness. I think I'd feel a little out of place.

Sometimes I'm very proud of Charles.


You do know that St. Titus’ has had other white members? Dr. Gene Strassler was the Choir Director in the 80’s and many white students from Duke University attended St. Titus’ in the 80s. It’s a bossy conservative parish in many ways, but in some ways quite progressive.

Actually I’ve never been to the church. My now deceased lover was an organist there. I don’t know if they told him about the man you mention or not.

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