The web as a godamned hobby

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Elsewhere I've chronicled my ongoing war with bandwidth thieves who hammer my website, stealing the content I've established there.

If it weren't for the scummy pirates I'd be happier than ever with it.

Today alone I heard from a woman who appreciated a discussion of androgyny.

Similarly a guy empathized with the for me anti-aphrodisiac quality of gay erotica for men with our narrow, obscure erotic bias.

A crossdresser expressed her pleasure in my transvestite humiliation story. It is the only half-tolerable erotica I've ever managed to write. I was reluctant to post it in my personal weblog for fear of seeming to participate in the worst side of transvestism: the seemingly almost inescapable masochism. Well, I guess it does participate. But in a very conscious way and was written to see how well I could imagine responding to it.

Had a nice guy try to show me what I'm missing by not reading homoerotic poetry.

Be asked for my advice on writing (pretty darned preposterous, no?).

Be consulted on obscure web design issues I couldn't help anyone with even with a gun at my skull. has been linking some of my notes of Christian fundamentalist zaniness.

A London callgirl who writes a very charming journal linked to me and has sent me many visitors. Not that they've said anything. But if the pages are there they might as well been seen.

Fleshbot, possibly the most successful of the sex blogs, linked to me. So many people are coming to see my evaluation of the ostensible Britney topless photos (bet you never guessed I wrote about such things). Fleshbot has separate hetero and gay sections and is really quite good for that sort of thing.

Against my usual habits I've been posting on The Brights' Movement forums while they are in the beta-testing stage.

Statistically my unique visitors topped 100,000 for the first time. Only the umptiumpth who say something matter.

I'm very glad to have discouraged many women from buying a bogus 'female virility'herbal supplement. Helped demythologize the supposed 'jelly bracelet' sex codes. Not to mention pointing people to advice on fellatio and the "Jack the Ripper Intimacy Kit."

What a hobby.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about The web as a godamned hobby.

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The web as a godamned hobby
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