Too many pets

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Growing up I had a couple of dogs. Dodo (damn if I know where I got the name from) moved with my grandparents when they left Savannah about the time I turned six. Chester was the pet of my teen years. I left him for the big city and sex.

Often living by luck and rarely in any place for a year I never felt I could have a pet. My life was transient and rooted in happy irresponsibility.

My bookshop fixed me geographically. A couple of cats walked into my yard. Nodate was part of a huge litter. I pretty much kidnapped her not that she was missed and her kindred eventually died, cars mostly. Crackpot was sick and weak. She spent most of her first week with me sleeping on my sweater. Her shit was yellow and for a time I thought she might die. Both lived with me for about fifteen years. I loved both cats but Nodate was my pal, when I got home from work Iíd call for her. Not having a lover I pampered her most every evening, petting her, roughhousing, giving her dog treats and maple leaves (they were what she liked to eat).

When I met Charles I had my two cats. He had two ferrets, three cats and a dog. His acquisition of the ferrets owes much to pot. Originally he bought one but felt sorry for the creature living alone so he went back to acquire a pal. Moira has been with Charles for many years. An elderly lady decided she had to place herself in a home where she could be aided and looked after. If he hadnít adopted Pocket and Squeaky theyíd have wound up in the lethal chamber.

Sadly, shortly thereafter my cats perished. It was over a year before I felt reconciled to the loss of Nodate.

Six pets is more than enough for 925 sq. ft. even if they ferrets live in a huge cage. Recently we acquired two more.

Charlesí friend Justin pissed in a glass, the test showed cannabinol, Justinís parole was revoked and Charles agreed to give Kinko, Justinís cat a place to stay. Kinko is a sexy, amiable cat. For a time we thought about keeping him (Justin wants him back but said it would be OK if we grew too attached). But Kinko likes to make lots of noise. Justin habituated the cat to squeaking for attention in the hall instead of jumping into a lap. With his migraines Charles canít tolerate much noise. He was wanting to shoot a bird the other day for being too loud. Kinko will be going.

Recently we acquired new neighbors. With them came the spanielesque Lady. She would break away from her collar and run amok through the neighborhood. One night when the man next door went to get her Lady started nipping at him. He slapped her to calm her down. Our Baptist busybody neighbor called the manís landlord and the police. The landlord was angry they had a dog even though they keep her outside (he was the same person who harassed us for not keeping our yard up to his standards). And the police said theyíd send the animal control folks over to see if the dog was being abused.

Once again a pet was threatened with extinction and Charles in a fit of generosity offered to take her. Unsurprisingly her maintenance falls to me. Iíd been wanting a dog but 1) wanted to get a puppy and 2) hadnít because I donít have the free time a young dog needs. I feed Lady and spend a few minutes at least a couple of times a day with her. But I canít give her the time she needs with someone or walk her enough. Hope I can find space to give her the attention that she needs.


i have two dogs dead one died of old age and the other one died when he got hit by a car he was one year old. and we are about to get another one and we will take care of this and we will get a fence around our front yard but i think it is going to far but if it is the cost to keep our other dog alive & safe that is what i will do.

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Too many pets
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