Unglorious Duct Tape Morning

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It was time to go to work this a.m. On Fridays I make an effort to be shaven, shampooed and to not as the deodorant commercials have it, offend. I had a (relatively) clean pair of jean set aside. But in the House of Entropy, small closed system that it is, objects can prove surprisingly difficult to find.

Perhaps in looking so hard for them I moved them off into an unobservable space for I never did find the damn things. I did find the pair that had lost its fastener shortly after purchase (pity I never save receipts).

The solution was in the closet. Like edible Spam® and WD-40 duct tape has a cultic status. I'd bought my roll of duct tape long ago thinking it might be handy for taping someone's mouth shut for a bit of D/s play.

By the time I got to the bookshop the tape was failing. Digging around I found a bit of computer cable, I think it was the little cord you use to connect a sound card to a CD-ROM drive. Not great but even with a very long t-shirt it was better than nothing.

When Yance finally arrived he got me some strong string and I forged a puny Jethro Bodine style belt.

I used to by GQ decades ago but it was only to look at the pretty haircuts.


i love duct tape

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Unglorious Duct Tape Morning
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