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My neurons are feeble and misfiring from last night. Charles had a migraine and we made our familiar trip to Durham Regional Hospital’s Emergency Room. Emergency care was needed in wholesale quantities last night. We sat in the waiting room for over three hours. By the time the nubain was flowing into Charles’ system he’d ascended into the stratosphere of peevishness.

I slept maybe two hours. After I got home I had to go back to the store. The main PC had stopped working. When I got there I did what Gordon had done while he had me on the phone earlier. Pulled out the power cord (server case, no power switch), put it back in, pushed the On button and the machine booted.

Charles crashed about six this morning and is asleep now. I’ve allowed myself beer for the first time in a couple of weeks.

We’ve watched every gay movie I could find here in Durham including the mediocre circuit party documentary When Boys Fly (or Flys as the case has it misprinted, perhaps someone was thinking of one of the special places on boys’ bodies). So we rented a few horror movies. I grabbed Halloween Resurrection because I’d seen all the others even though only the first one was any good (I consider the first two one movie, split only for commercial necessity). Years ago I found myself a reluctant fan of Bill Paxton’s roles as louts and bullies so we rented Fragility. Even though the twist endings dug more deeply than needful I really enjoyed that. Otherwise we’ve been trying comedies that did well at Sundance with mixed results.

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