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He says, “When I wrote my first book, which I started writing over 20 years ago now, gay lives and gay sexuality really hadn’t been written about at all in literary fiction in England. And there did seem an urgency and originality in doing that. It was a whole new subject, which was just waiting to be written about. And I sort of did that.”

British author Alan Hollinghurst on CNN’s ‘Talk Asia’


Hi, Richard… haven’t been here is some time… glad to see that the site is still looking good. I’m looking forward to reading “In The Line Of Beauty” hopefully soon. I’m not sure it’s in paperback… but I think that it should be by now… I wrote a small bit about Hollinghurst’s win, on my site The Hub…

Thanks, Richard… And now back to the grind.


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Alan Hollinghurst interviewed
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