Porn or erotica?

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Being interviewed because he has a story in Susie Bright’s The Best American Erotica, Jack Fritscher sums the distinction neatly enough:

But is it porn or erotica? “I really think that’s just semantics,” Fritscher insists. “It just depends whom you are talking to. If you want to discuss it with a church group, you’ll call it erotica. If you want to talk to a convocation of lesbians and gays at a gay center, you call it porno or porn. I think, by the way, that the essence of gay literature and gay art probably is its erotic quality. So to me everything that we do is set apart from everything that’s straight by the fact that it is erotic.”

Ten years of orgasms: Susie Bright’s The Best American Erotica hits the spot

Oddly this seems to be an old interview from 2003.

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Porn or erotica?
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