Buying & selling postmodernist books

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More a sign of ambiguous cultural bias than greed: a visit from Ross Prinzo is always a treat.

Ross regularly sells us books. He seems to read enormous quantities of postmodern philosophy, critical theory, cultural studies.

Ambiguity: I haven't a lick of use for it myself. (Qualification: except for its healthy effect on the writing of history by the old-fashioned narrative historians.) Partly I'm just an anti-theoretical guy. And PoMo prose style infamously reads like a mean-spirited assault on Strunk & White's Elements of Style. I'm delighted to buy the books because I'd much rather sell academic and scholarly books than pop fiction, self-help, in fine, the stuff that comprises the New York Times bestseller list. Anyway, intellectual history is full of trends and trendiness, no reason to get hot and bothered by the contemporary crop.

Thanks Ross.


I’m a ‘non-theoretical’ kind of guy myself (why philosophize yourself too deeply into a box?) but I’d gladly trade in my convictions for a tome (or two) from a sexy, young theorist like Ross.

Hey, Mr. Prinzo: Any more books for sale?

Hate to sound like an old fuddy duddy but i’m allergic to theory, especially as it’s practiced today. I read books like Monster in the Closet: Homosexuality in the Horror Film for laughs. It’s better to have the actual ” texts” available, imho.

Your feelings?

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Buying & selling postmodernist books
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