My Christmas ended today

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Christmas is over for me now. This is my three days off week (my partner and I alternate taking three days / two days off). With luck I won't be going more than a couple of blocks from the house until orgiastic celebration of Santa has passed.

Xmas didn't boost our in store sales. First time that ever happened. It has never been the kind of make or break thing it is for traditional retailers. But it was usually a nice bump. I'm not sure if it has ever made a big difference in ecommerce. But this year that seemed to die for a couple of weeks.

We've put a couple of hundred comics on eBay. It'll be interesting to discover if having an auction over Baby J. day is a good or bad idea.

Already I'm looking forward to our New Year's Day Sale, always our most profitable day of the year. Though it isn't as exciting as it once was. Twenty years ago we were almost the only place open in Durham.

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My Christmas ended today
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