Oh, those shameless young librarians!

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Shamelessly neglecting this weblog aren't I? I have too many of them and too may projects in the fire. Since a librarian expressed her amusement with an image I posted earlier I'll offer these two for your entertainment (if you aren't entertained click on the "X" at the top right of your browser).

Nympho Librarian paperback cover

Maybe my high school friend who took a job at the Savannah Public Library had more reason than I guessed. Hard to imagine anything that spicy happening back in the stacks there. Then again how would I know what you librarians are up to when you are out of sight?

The Young Librarian paperback cover

Never saw a librarian dressed like that when I've gone to check out a book. Would certainly boost her popularity during the fifteen seconds she'd be allowed to continue at work.

Evidently this young librarian was very popular since the publisher brags the book is in its second printing. One of those mysteriously meaningless boasts akin to "As Advertised on TV." Then again the publisher might've been fibbing.


Too funny! I’ll pass this on to my librarian friend!

It was interesting to see this entry linked to from another weblog with the words “left wing blogger.”

Issues of importance to gay people aside I’ve tended to be an apolitical weblogger.

Then again some people’s days are spent diving the world into types, almost always in terms of “for” and “against” something or other.

This might be the real deal! I know a young, naughty librarian myself. She wants me to have sex with her in the library. A fantacy that became real, ey? And she is only 20. What can I say. This is Norway at it’s best ;)

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Richard Evans Lee
Oh, those shameless young librarians!
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