Parent challenges children's library book

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A Florida mom doesn't want her daughter to learn about serious things from books.

Officials at Spring Hill Elementary School already have removed Deenie from circulation after a parent complained about passages that talk frankly about masturbation. The book chronicles the life of a seventh-grade girl dealing with curvature of the spine.

"What she read isn't bad," said mom Jerri Trammell, who complained to Spring Hill principal John DiRienzo. "I just don't want her to learn about it from Judy Blume." ...

Unable to resolve the issue at the school, Spring Hill Elementary administrators sent the question of whether Deenie should remain to a county-level committee comprised of a curriculum specialist, an administrator, two teachers, a parent, a student, a community member and a staff member from the public library system. ...

A board member of the National Coalition Against Censorship, Blume expressed dismay with people who would rather take away materials than discuss tough issues with their children.

"You take a book away from a child it's, well, why? You need to explain why," she said. "It isn't a book about masturbation. It's a book about parental expectations. . . . When, when, when are we ever going to be done with this? Never, I guess."

Jeffrey S. Solochek, St. Petersburg Times: Spring Hill Elementary has asked a county-level committee to review Judy Blume's Deenie for appropriateness

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Parent challenges children's library book
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