Public library den of sin

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MARPLE - Jack Whoriskey says that books such as "The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm" can only be found at the Marple Township Library and not at any other library in Delaware or Chester counties.

"Marple Township is the pornography capital of Delaware County," says Whoriskey.

Marple is 'porn capital'

MARPLE -- The books are back. Seven titles from the sexual instruction section of the Marple Public Library were returned yesterday, a day after more than 75 township residents gathered at St. Pius X Church to air their concerns regarding the collection.

The books, including ‘‘Great Sex Tips’’ by Anne Hooper and ‘’The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm’’ by Steve Bodansky, were checked out last month by Glen Mills resident Jack Whoriskey. He discovered them in the "new-book" section while searching for a title on the Atkins diet.

Whoriskey, who said he considers the books "pornographic," showed them to the township commissioners.

Questionable books returned to library


I always find it interesting how broad the definition of pornography becomes when some people go to their libraries. These books were in the sexual instruction section. Too bad they happen to be next to the section of diet books where you go to look better. Sort of makes you wonder why he wanted to look better.

Jesus’ remark about lusting in the heart can easily be construed as saying that any thought of sexual desire is the same as acting on it.

He was probably looking up Atkins because his own sex life had been a very long term diet.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Richard Evans Lee
Public library den of sin
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