Repetitive stress injuries

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Back when I ran an old style hobbyist BBS I could be obsessive about configuring and refining the software. I sat for hours at a desk that was probably just a fraction of an inch too high. Eventually I developed RSI and found myself wearing hand braces.

Doing data entry in Homebase, writing emails to customers and having weblogs for a hobby makes for a deadly combination since my repetitive stress syndrome has returned in brute force.

Limits how much time I can spend cataloging or posting in my assorted weblogs. My handwriting is so often that my signature isn't much more than a wobbly line (supposedly a vice of celebrities who feel they are really too important to have to actually sign their name).

Wonder how other online booksellers cope with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries.


my carpal tunnel went away when I started riding a recumbent bicycle!

Were you riding some other kind of bicycle before?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Repetitive stress injuries.

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Repetitive stress injuries
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